Anna Bernard’s Decolonizing Literature

Decolonizing Literature

The book argues that in order to move the project of decolonizing the curriculum beyond the mere diversification of our reading lists, literature scholars and students must address not only what, but how, we read. I focus on ways of recognizing and responding to the political work that texts do, considering questions of language and translation, comparative reading, ideological argument, and genre in relation to the history of anticolonial struggle. Each chapter includes reflection exercises and summary boxes to facilitate its use in the classroom.

Praise for the book:

Decolonizing Literature is the book we need today. Reminding us of the transformative possibilities of politicized literary criticism, Anna Bernard is continuing the legacy of Edward Said, Barbara Harlow, and Benita Parry by helping us imagine ourselves into different futures.’
Anthony C. Alessandrini, author of Decolonize Multiculturalism

‘A full and substantial introduction to the contentious topic of “decolonizing” the English literary curriculum. Bernard’s account, which is fully cognisant of the challenges of this project, is lucid and accessible but never glib or shallow.’
Priyamvada Gopal, author of Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent

The book is available in the UK now and can be pre-ordered in the US. Interested educators may request an examination copy here. Anyone wishing to purchase the book may do so at a 30% discount when ordering from with the code BER30 (good until 6 November).

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