Anti-Racist Thought and Activism in History

The Public Humanities Hub Okanagan (PHH-O) is pleased to host a virtual speaker series, Anti-Racist Thought and Activism in History. This speaker series addresses how past experiences and historical models of anti-racist activism can continue to give guidance to ongoing thought and anti-racist work. 

Supported by the UBC Anti-Racism Initiatives Fund, Office of the Provost; CUNY Grad Center; Kingsborough Community College; King’s College London; Princeton University Advanced Studies Institute; Public Humanities Hub, UBC Okanagan; Historicities Cluster, UBC; UBC Graduate program in Power, Conflict and Ideas; and the International Solidarity Action and Research Network.

Amira Rose Davis (Pennsylvania State University) – Website

Rinaldo Walcott (University of Toronto) – Previous talk

Devyn Spence Benson (University of Kentucky) – View the talk

Sita Balani and Gargi Bhattacharyya (King’s College London/University of East London) – View the talk

Priya Gopal (Cambridge University) – View the talk

Erika Lee (University of Minnesota) – View the talk

Adom Getachew (University of Chicago) – View the talk

Najat el Hachmi (author) – View the talk

Co-moderators for the series are UBCO professors Jessica Stites Mor (History), Francisco Peña (World literatures), Tony Alessandrini from Princeton/CUNY and Anna Bernard from King’s College London.

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