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Call for Papers for Edited Volume: Marxism and Migration

Deadline: February 1, 2020
Editors: Genevieve Ritchie, Sara Carpenter, and Shahrzad Mojab
Contact Information: marxism.and.migration [at]

The present conditions of transnational migration are nothing short of alarming. Best described as a kind of social expulsion, these conditions range from migrant caravans and detained unaccompanied children in the United States to the thousands of migrant deaths at sea to the razing of self-organized refugee camps in Greece and to the massive internal and inter-regional dispersal of populations. At the very same time, technology firms are using refugee camps as testing grounds and migrants are targeted by the financial industry as an ideal investment and workforce. The chaos of migration stretches globally yet differentially impacts countless communities. Migrants are simultaneously described as a dangerous threat, victims of state violence, culturally backward, and resilient workers, while activists talk of undoing border imperialism, decolonizing settler societies, or opening borders. We, therefore, find reason to pose the following questions: What are the historical continuities linking colonial dispossession to the displacements and dispossessions internal to the imperialist stage of capitalism? To what extent do the conditions propelling migration cohere with, and even support, the state practices of managing class interests through the threat of crisis? Lastly, to what extent has the ostensible crisis of migration assisted with the criminalization of activists resisting state violence? Marxism and Migration seeks to theorize these chaotic and uneven conditions by centering the global relations of class struggle.

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Call to Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions

Activists and academics are signing on to a call to boycott academic and cultural institutions sponsored by the Turkish government in the wake if the latter’s Syrian incursion:

We call on academics, artists and intellectuals around the world to oppose the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria by boycotting Turkish government sponsored academic, artistic and musical events taking place inside and outside of Turkey.

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