The ISARN Recordings

On the International Solidarity Action Research Network podcast, hosts Tony Alessandrini, Jessica Stites Mor, and Anna Bernard take you through a series of stories on the ins and outs of solidarity, from the frontlines, the sidelines, behind the scenes and in the quiet after the lights go down, to figure out better ways we can all stay grounded in solidarity. Click here to view all the episodes with program notes on our guests and more information about each episode:

In this episode (recorded 2022), Sophie Chamas and Ghiwa Sayegh reflect on the experience of listening back to our conversation about the Lebanese revolution of 2019-20 at a much less hopeful moment. They consider the importance of looking back, both historically and globally, and argue for the value of affect in revolutionary thought and practice. Title inspired by Mariame Kaba.
  1. Hope as a Discipline: Reflecting on the Lebanese Revolution
  2. Pictures of a Revolution: Lebanon 2019-2020
  3. Solidarity, Scholarship, and Struggle (Recorded March 2020)
  4. Black Activism and Internationalism in the United States (Recorded March 2020)
  5. The Tricontinental Movement and the Cultures of Solidarity (Recorded October 2019)
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