Call for Pedagogical Material

As you may know, ISARN has been exploring the ways we can think through solidarity pedagogically. It’s for that reason that we’ve decided upon the collaborative production of a virtual syllabi.

While we’re still working through the aesthetics of it, a virtual syllabi would be a way of providing an interactive engagement and knowledge of solidarity movements around the world. This includes thinking through the ways these movements speak to each other and the significance of undervalued and unappreciated participants in movement making.

However, in thinking through solidarity and pedagogy questions of representation become even more important. For that reason, we’re asking all of you for help. Willingness to share past syllabi, any pedagogical resources, lists of texts/films/journals/other resources would be appreciated. Feel free to email your materials to [at]

All the information that is shared will be password protected with access only by ISARN members. Further, any suggestions to the development of the virtual syllabi would be happily welcome!

Best wishes,
ISARN team

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