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Call for Papers: Solidarity and Transnational Cultural Forms

Deadline: August 30 ,2019
Coordinators: Jessica Stites Mor (University of British Columbia), Anna Bernard (King’s College, London), and Anthony Alessandrini (City University of New York)

Transnational solidarity is envisioned as a reciprocal relationship between geographically distant actors based on shared political commitments. Given that this kind of transnational work involves great distances and language divides, the potential for miscommunication and misrepresentation is enormous. The visibility and appeal of movements like the Arab Spring uprisings, Occupy Wall Street, the indignados, Palestinian and Kurdish national struggles, and open borders activism has brought increasing public pressure on those who study and theorize this form of activism to broaden their ability to understand better what activists do and why. On the ground, the frustration of activists when facing failures within movements creates a need for rigorous attention to cultural forms and movements from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

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Call for papers: Solidarity in Translation

Deadline: September 23rd, 2019
Organizer: Anthony Alessandrini
Co-Organizer: Julie-Françoise Tolliver

In “Five Theses on the Common,” Gigi Roggero writes that “the common is always organized in translation.” This seminar begins from a related suggestion: that it might be possible to say that solidarity is always organized in translation.

This could mean a number of things. Most simply, forms of international/translocal solidarity almost inevitably involve the use of literal translations. At a different level, we might ask whether “translation” can be useful for thinking about the role played by literary and cultural production in political struggle—for example, asking how writers and artists translate political struggles into the body of their cultural work, and in turn how political actors translate the forms of political imaginaries found in literary and artistic works into their praxis. At the furthest end of the spectrum, given the global rise of right-wing populism and the resurgence of fascistic nationalist movements (including white supremacist movements), we might propose that today, all attempts to translate across borders and boundaries might be reimagined as forms of solidarity.

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